The inspiration for our cow came from our parents Tom & Kaye Williams and their passion for home (Morrinsville) and travel and cows.  Tom was particularly mad about his cows and it was uncommon for any cow in his herd not to have a name to match their personality.  Tom passed away in December 2012 followed by Kaye in October 2014.  The family felt that a vibrant and colourful cow in their name in their hometown was a fantastic way to honour and remember them.  They were enthusiastic supporters of the local community and put a lot into various activities and fundraisers.  Our cow features lots of images and symbols of far flung places as Tom & Kaye were real adventurers at heart and their intrepid travels led them all over the world.  As much as they loved to travel, they also loved to come home to Morrinsville where they were born and raised.