The "Herd of Cows?" project was born from a desire to put Morrinsville on the map. Our dream was to put smiles on the faces of everyone who walk the streets of Morrinsville, soaking up the variety of quirky & colourful bovines, making our town proud of who we are and what we are all about.

We are not famous for anything. We don’t fly the flag for anything famous or hang our hats on natural features, but we do have something to celebrate. 

We are the “Cream of the Country” and the “Dairy Capital of the World” so now it's time we showed the world. We also have the extraordinary Wallace Gallery. We are primarily a town supporting the agricultural industry with a growing arts culture. The "Herd of Cows?" was a way to combine the two staying relevant and building on our current assets.


Street Art

You can find all of our cows in public places for all to enjoy 24/7. Call into the Morrinsville i-SITE Visitor Information Centre for a copy of the trail map and take a walk through the streets of Morrinsville. Bring your students to learn about the different forms of art, or make a fun day with the grand children. Take a tour with your gardening group or use the trail as a work related team bonding session in an "Amazing Race" type event.

Mugs, Coasters, Magnets and other merchandise available at the i-SITE.  

Send email enquiries to: manager@morrinsvillenz.co.nz 

Phone: 07 8895575 or call in :

Morrinsville i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, 251 Thames Street, Morrinsville