Tatuamooee Cow Design

This design is representative of the Tatuanui School and community

Five birds represent the five school classrooms

Calf Club lamb on one side and calf club ribbon around the neck showing a favourite part of rural school life for many children

Pumpkin cine on one side representing the vegetable gardens the children have planted and the pumpkin harvest held each year

Red entrance to the bush walk on the edge of the school field was something the children felt was important to be on the cow

Mount Te Aroha in the background - sense of place and community

Blue koru with flax growing out on it is representative of the flax belt that used to run along the Waiherekeke river

Fruit trees on the shoulder - the school has planted a selection of fruit trees on the grounds (also reflective of Tatuanui being an enviro school)

The word caRe on the blue koru is from the schools motto "we caRe"

Blue socks on the cow are the schools rugby socks - input from the sponsors 

the normal jersey face, tail, udder and legs