Being a former pupil of Morrinsville Intermediate School this is another great opportunity to create a design for the Morrinsville Herd of Cows? project.  The MIS Cow design has two sides (then and now) showing 50 years at Morrinsville Intermediate, in conjunction with the 50th Jubilee celebration.  The 'then' side of the cow is in black and white tones showing images of traditional school life.  The 'now' side of the cow is showing images of 21st century school life in vibrant colours.

The icons and figures look similar to the cartoon-style characters in the existing school murals.  The school logo is a flax (harakeke), this symbolises whanau, the child is the root which is protectively surrounded by the family (flax leaves).  The flax image 'grows' up all four legs of the cow starting in the weave design.  The background is a rural setting with rolling hills, the images in the clouds reflect the opportunities available to students at school e.g. sport/culture.