Pronounced "Moo-VON-wee", which comes from an Ancient Welsh name Myfanwy for a girl, meaning "My rare one." According to Disneyland name definitions, Myfanwy is "The ideal woman."  We had a list of names from clients, Facebook followers and staff, and decided that a Welsh name would be appropriate following Sandi’s heritage and put to the vote Moofanwy was the favourite, especially when we researched the meaning and found it was a perfect fit for Images day spa.

Our brief for Hally, our lovely artist was after many doodling on our blank cow mock up in the staff room. We were looking for something that represented our business something tranquil, polished and fitted in with our motto of ‘relax, enjoy and indulge’. The project was happily handed over to Hally for her to work her magic in her own way and we think she has done a superb job at it.