Daisy tells a story about the Trower family’s time in New Zealand, Kiwitahi and Tarawera along with our history.

You could be forgiven for thinking you’d arrived in Switzerland if you view Daisy from the front, under her neck is a large Swiss cowbell above 3 immense mountain peaks, the Eiger, Monch and the Jungfrau – These 3 beautiful mountains are in central Switzerland and are a strong link back to our Swiss heritage and family. Looking further down you can see long green grass growing up Daisy’s legs and if you look at her udder you can see the flowers that she was named after, the Daisy, which is also Enid Trower favourite flower…

On one side you can see the rolling hills of Kiwitahi with a stream train roaring along the tracks and the mighty  Kaimai ranges in the background. If you looks closely you’ll also see a Swiss flag and an American cowboy, this represent Liz and Chris Trower, but if you look even closer you might see some other symbols of Chris and Liz - a lady on a motorbike and a man driving some earthmoving equipment. You may also see a single Kiwi representing Kiwi-tahi.

On the other side is a view of Lake Tarawera with 3 kids off for a swim, a Pohutukawa tree (Because it’s always Christmas at the lake) and a Tui. If you look again you even see some flags, a New Zealand flag for those of the family to have been in NZ for a long time and a St Andrew cross and  piper for some more recent imports!

Telling our story was the easy part, pulling these ideas together and painting Daisy was a mammoth task – Luckily we had Marion Laurence, our amazing artist. Using a small paint brush she was able to turn our words in to art,  and she hit the nail on the head each time. It was a massive task with so much detail to include we wondered at times how she did it but she did. Our thanks go to Marion.